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Pack of 3 - Snap Bar 5 Cell Presentation Gift Box include Snap Bar Boxes AND Presentation Box

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Gift Sets always sell !!  If you look on the Handmade Facebook Groups there is always people looking for that perfect gift for a present for a friend or loved one.  Dress up your Snap Bars with these gorgeous Presentation/Gift Box sets.

Made from 300gsm card and laser printed in 3 beautiful designs these are sold in packs of 3.  They come in the following sizes:
  • 2 Bar (5 cell snap bar) Presentation Box
  • 3 Bar (5 cell snap bar) Presentation Box
  • 4 Bar (5 cell snap bar) Presentation Box

What you get:
Presentation Box and two, three or four 5 cell snap bar boxes that fit snugly into the presentation box with a window cut out so that the snap boxes are viewable.  The snap bar boxes also have a cut out heart so that the snap bar can be showcased :-)

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