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Pack of 2 ( 1 Silver & 1 Gold)Birthday Boxes - 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th & 60th - 8 Cell box with dividers easy to assemble, no glue or tape needed

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If you are a member of any of the Facebook Handmade Groups you will often see people looking for those Special Milestone Birthday Gifts and people are happy to pay that little bit extra for something extraordinary!  These boxes will help you market your products and no matter what time of the year it is, everyone still has birthdays!!

Made from 300gsm card and laser printed each box has been especially designed by Half a Melon so they are unique and different and you won't find them anywhere else!  They come flat packed, with score lines already in place they are easy to assemble, require no glue or tape and have the matching dividers to create the 8 cells the same size as the very popular Home Bargain boxes.

We are selling these in packs of two - one silver and one gold so that you can advertise both designs.  Each pack will be for the same milestone birthday.

We have available:

  • Happy 18th Birthday  x 1 silver and 1 gold
  • Happy 21st Birthday x 1 silver and 1 gold
  • Happy 30th Birthday x 1 silver and 1 gold
  • Happy 40th Birthday x 1 silver and 1 gold
  • Happy 50th Birthday x 1 silver and 1 gold
  • Happy 60th Birthday x 1 silver and 1 gold

    Priced at £1.60 for one pack of two boxes.

We also have the personalised logo vellum paper available to line the boxes with to protect the fragrances and the CLP labels that fit each of the 8 cells.

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